Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Running Outdoors

After a long and (not quite so) brutal winter, I rediscovered the joy of running outdoors. My long runs last Saturday and Tuesday were my two most enjoyable runs in a long time. I discovered a new trail that goes far.

Maybe "discovered" is the wrong word to use, since I knew of its existence for a long time. I never gave it much thought, since I always assumed that it was one of those "open" paved paths that are boring to run down. Turns out I was wrong. While it is somewhat open, there are enough trees to pass by (and always on the south side of the trail) to give enough shade come summertime. And there enough twists and turns in the path to keep me interested, but straight enough to let my mind wander. A very strange happy medium. And best of all, it's not on the river so it won't get flooded this spring.

I'm finding it hard to scrounge the time to go running with Christopher around now. Even so, I still feel like I'm running better and harder than this time last year. I'm beginning to feel like I'll be able to run a sub-4 hour marathon after all!

This Sunday, I'm participating in a unique race across the frozen lake Winnipeg. When I heard of it, it was too adventurous to pass up. Sure, the terrain may be monotonous ("Oh look, more snow & ice!"), but imagine how cool it would be to tell somebody that you ran across the 11th largest lake in the world?

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  1. Funny you should mention that run...I did it back in 2007...and then promptly forgot that I did it until Kristen mentioned it one day on our favourite running forum...I was running a lot more back then though (three marathons/year kind of stuff)... so it must have conveniently faded into the race banks...

    It was amazing though...just wait until you get into the middle of the lake...stop and turn around slowly and you get the real idea of how alone and insignificant we really are...It was a run I did mainly alone, but I was far from lonely out there...At the risk of sounding corny, it was almost cleansing in a way...

    Have a great time with it...I look forward to reading about it because of course you are going to write a report!!! ;0)