Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kingfisher Premium

Before anybody accuses me of being euro-centric, I decided to leave the continent and head to India. Today's beer is Kingfisher Premium. It advertises as a premium lager. It comes in a green 330mL bottle with 4.0% alcohol/vol. Despite being an Indian beer, the small print on the back says it was brewed in the U.K. (under license). So I'm not 100% certain I'm getting the true Kingfisher experience.

Upon opening, I noticed a strong fruity aroma. Almost floral. When poured, it comes out pale yellow with a thick head that took a while to disappear. Lots of bubbles.

My first sip was "feh". The beer is very light and dry. Not terribly malty, not terribly hoppy. The carbonation left an impression in my mouth, and left a strong (but not entirely unpleasant) aftertaste. The only characteristic worth mentioning in this beer is the interesting aroma.

If I was in India, I'd gladly drink this as it is readily available there. But seeing as I have many other beers at my disposal, I'll place it further down the list but not off it entirely.

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