Monday, February 6, 2012

Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber lager

I'm slightly intrigued by today's beer.  It comes in a 355mL brown bottle with 5.5% alcohol/vol and 19.5 IBUs.  Normally I don't like lagers, especially non-hoppy lagers, but this beer is special:  It has a quote from Hunter S. Thompson on it.  "Good people drink good beer."  If it's good enough for Dr. Thompson, it's good enough for me.  The picture on the label is kind of neat too, with what appears to be one flea, and one hybrid flea-dog.

When opened, I was impressed by the maltiness flowing out of the bottle.  It reminded me of Sam Adams' Oktoberfest by the strength of the aroma.  It poured a clear amber colour, with lots of large bubbles clinging to the glass.  No significant head to speak of.  The malty aroma remained, coupled with some pumpkin.

The first sip was pretty damn good.  This beer went down very easily.  The flavour came and went pretty fast, and was mostly sweet malt.  It felt kind of "chewy" in the mouth, but otherwise soft.  There was a slight bitter aftertaste; just enough to offset the strong malts.  I sure as hell would buy this beer again.  One damn fine lager!

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