Friday, March 16, 2012

Lucky Buddha

I have reservations about today's beer.  It comes from China.  On the plus side, it comes in a really cool 330mL green "fat buddha" bottle.  It has 4.8% alcohol/vol.  Can't really tell much from the outside of the bottle, as there is almost no labelling.

Upon opening, I detected a faint aroma of hops.  Then it disappeared.  It poured a disgustingly pale yellow colour, with a medium-sized white head that disappeared quickly.  There were a few small bubbles.  The aroma was hard to pinpoint; not very much of it.  The closest thing it smelled to was a domestic.

Fortunately, the beer had more flavour than aroma.  There wasn't much flavour, but it was slightly sweet.  The feel in the mouth was fairly soft, and there was absolutely no bitter aftertaste.  The only reason I can think of to buy this beer is for the bottle.  Everything else about the beer is sub-par; it even made Tsingtao look good.

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