Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Today's beer comes from Chico, CA. No false advertising on its location! It comes in a 12 oz brown bottle that is slightly shorter than your industry standard bottle. It has 5.6% alcohol/vol. The label says it's naturally carbonated and there's a fine layer of yeast in each bottle. So I expect a bit of sediment at the bottom.

When the bottle opened, I was greeted with a fresh aroma of hops. When poured, it formed a small creamy head that lasted a while. The beer had lots of small bubbles, and a golden colour. The strong hoppy aroma dissipated quickly when poured.

The first sip was exceptionally bitter. Very hoppy indeed! Definitely not a single variety of hops, as its character is very complex. The aftertaste lasted a while, and was not unpleasant. I would avoid this beer if you aren't a hop head. I would put this beer near the top of my list.

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