Thursday, October 27, 2011

Half Pints Smoktoberfest

Again, another Canadian (and local!) brew.  This beer is a bit unusual because it is a smoked beer.  It still fits in with the Oktoberfest mini-theme I had going, because a rauchbier is supposed to be like an Oktoberfest/marzen except with smoked malts.  Today's beer comes in a 650mL brown bottle (that I've come to expect from Half Pints' seasonal beers).  It has 6.2% alcohol/vol, and 22 IBU's.

When opened, I was greeted with two distinct aromas: malt and smoke.  It's tough to tell what kind of smoke it smells like, but I would have to go with wood (or perhaps bacon).  It poured a beautiful amber colour, with a small yet frothy head that disappeared quickly.  There were a few small bubbles.  The aroma after the pour was much more smokey than malty.

The first sip went down fairly well.  A very malty beer; very smooth and the smoke is only slightly distracting.  The mouthfeel was moderate, not thick or thin, and no harshness from the low carbonation.  The aftertaste was smokey rather than bitter.  This beer reminded me of a camping trip, and would do very well on one.

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