Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Superior 100 is almost upon us

Just two more sleeps and I'll be running the Superior 100.  This has been quite a year for me running-wise, and once Superior is over I still have one more race to do.  Not that I'm looking past Superior.  If anything, I'm doing just the opposite.

Prerace obsession is in full swing.  I haven't done anything stupid (yet) like heading out for a last-minute 30 mile LSD run.  And my schedule has forced me into a slightly easier taper than I would have liked.  So fitness-wise, I've never been more prepared.

The wildcard for this race is the weather.  We're going to be in a cold snap, with highs of the low teens, and lows in the single digits.  Much cooler than the 30+ weather I've been training in.  While the temps look like perfect running weather, I've completely forgotten how to dress for it!  I think the smart thing to do is to wear a t-shirt and bring a nylon jacket.  A pair of long pants in a dropbag for the middle of the night in case I need it.

Next blog post is either going to be a good one, or a really really bad one.  We'll see.

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