Monday, August 8, 2011

Kirin Ichiban

I'm a bit scared of today's beer. The label claims "One of the world's most unique premium beers". Most unique? That can either be good or bad. It comes from Japan, which usually has rice as an adjunct, but the label also mentions 100% malt (I hope there's also some hops in there). It comes in a 355mL brown bottle with 5% alcohol/vol.

When opened, there was a slight malt and hop aroma. Not terribly strong. The beer poured a clear pale yellow, with a slight head (which didn't last very long). There were lots of large bubbles. There was very little aroma after the beer was poured, and I could not identify it.

The first sip was clean and smooth but weak. There was no bitterness, and a slightly prickly mouth feel. I consider this beer close to water. I could see somebody sitting on a patio drinking it. But there are probably better (and cheaper) alternatives for a patio beer. If I was in Japan on a hot day, I would drink it. But there's no reason to drink it anywhere else.

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