Monday, August 1, 2011

Sagres Preta

My first Portuguese beer today. The label say it's a "dark beer". There is also a list of ingredients: water, malt, corn, and hops. They are very brave to admit putting corn in their beer. I now have very low expectations. It comes in a 330mL brown slightly odd-shaped bottle, and has 4.1% alcohol/vol. Weak.

When I opened the bottle, I could smell malt, but also a strong coffe smell. The beer poured with a thick head that disappeared almost instantly. It had a very dark colour, almost black. I could not see any bubbles at all. The coffee aroma was still there, and not much else.

The first sip tasted like weak coffee. The beer had a soft feel in the mouth, and there was no aftertaste. I very fairly unimpressed by this beer. The more I drank it, the less I could smell the coffee, and more I could smell something else. Metallic perhaps? I wouldn't recommend this beer to anyone.

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