Friday, July 29, 2011

Garrison Imperial IPA

I'm excited about today's beer. It comes fairly highly rated, and promises to be hopppppppppy. It comes in a 500mL brown bottle, and has 7.0% alcohol/vol. Nice and strong to kick off my long weekend. ;) The label promises "caramel malt & intense hop bitterness with a lingering citrusy finish". We shall see.

When I opened the bottle: BOOM! Fruity hops surrounded me. The beer poured a deep copper colour, with a slight haze. There was a modest amount of small bubbles, and a small head that lasted a while. I could already see a lace forming on the glass. The aroma was overpowering with hops, and I could smell a little bit of malt.

The first sip hit me in the mouth like an 8-ball in a tube sock. The beer was very bitter! The hops was almost too much to handle at first (even for a hophead like me), but I gradually got used to it. The malt was barely detectable, and hardly worth mentioning. This beer was all about the hops. The feel of the beer was fairly soft in the mouth, and there wasn't any warmth from the alcohol. If you're a hophead, then this beer is for you!

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