Friday, July 22, 2011

Chimay Rouge

It's time for a Belgian dubbel. This beer comes in a 330mL short brown bottle. It has 7% alcohol/vol. It has a "authentic Trappist product" logo on it, which apparently means that it is brewed in an existing trappist monastery. Neat. So far in my experience, monks make good beer.

When opened, the bottle had a smooth malty aroma. When poured, the aroma didn't change. There was a ridiculous amount of dark sediment in the beer. A large head formed when poured, and was supported by a deluge of small bubbles. The beer had a light brown colour.

The first sip warmed me up. The beer was soft in the mouth, and quite flavourful. There was almost no bitterness to it at all. A lot of sweetness in the beer. It didn't taste very malty. Had a slight caramel flavour to it. A fantastic beer, I would definitely drink this beer again.

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