Monday, July 11, 2011

Salzburger Stiegl

I'm back from the mountains, and extremely thirsty. What else than an Austrian beer?

Stiegl comes in a 500mL can, and has no English labelling at all. It has 4.9% alcohol/vol. It also has a best-before date stamped to the bottom: Nov 22, 2011.

When opened, there was a strong aroma of malt. The beer poured a dark yellow colour, with a generous head and large bubbles. As the head disappeared, a beautiful lace was left on the glass. The malt aroma was still detectable, but was somewhat displaced by a more noticeable metallic smell. Uh oh.

The first taste was a bit bland. No hop flavour at all, and to be quite honest it tasted much more like a cheap domestic. No redeeming qualities. It even lacked a malty flavour. It was just yellow fizzy water.

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