Friday, July 15, 2011

Half Pints Little Scrapper IPA

Tons of information on the bottle of tonight's beer. Half Pints is a local microbrewery (nanobrewery perhaps?), and I've heard some good things about their beers. I previously sampled their Stir Stick Stout with an interesting result. Today, I'm trying one of their two pale ales. The label shows it has 6.0% alcohol/vol, and 50 IBUs. It advertises "Citrus hop aromas with a toasted malt finish". I'm excited.

When the bottle was opened, I could definitely smell the dry hopping. There was a noticeable hoppy smell to it. The beer poured a beautiful golden colour, with a small head, and lots of small bubbles. The hoppy aroma certainly did have a slight citrusy scent to it, and was quite strong.

The first sip was pretty good. The beer certainly is bitter (as warned on the label with its 50 IBUs). It has a soft feel in the mouth, and a lingering aftertaste. I rather enjoyed this beer. I didn't notice any "toasted malt finish" in it though, which is alright since the IPA style does not focus on its maltiness. This beer went down very easily.

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