Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout

Today's beer comes to us in a whopping 550mL bottle (yep, a whole pint). It has a gold foil wrap on the bottle cap for that extra sense of class. I couldn't tell what colour the bottle was, because the beer inside it was black. It also had 7% alcohol/vol.

When opened, I could smell a lot of hops with slight fruity overtones. It poured black, with about one finger's width of head that lasted a long time. I could not see any bubbles because of the colour of the beer. The fruity malt aroma was even more pronounced after being poured.

The first sip was very sweet. The beer had a very soft feel in the mouth, almost as if it was uncarbonated. There were definite caramel and coffee flavours in the beer. There was a long-lasting smooth bitter aftertaste that was not unpleasant. After a while, I noticed a slight warmth coming from my stomach. I really liked this beer. It would make a great after-work drink.


  1. Hey Dale! Quite a comprehensive beer review you've got going on here! Makes me want to start enjoying beer again now that I'm not pregnant. Thanks for so much for the congratulations :). Are you going to be running Voyageur this weekend?

  2. You seem to be in a good area of the world for beer purchases. :) I highly recommend it!

    Unfortunately, I will not be running Voyageur this year. I got a stress fracture in my pelvis, so it's going to take a long time to get back into ultra shape.