Thursday, August 18, 2011

Delirium Tremens

Since I seem to have taken a liking to Belgian strong ales, I figured I'd treat myself to one today. I'm no longer doing the Monday/Wednesday/Friday beer samples, as I think I need a bit of a break at this point. Instead, I'm just going to randomly sample beers as I find them and want to drink them.

Delirium Tremens comes in a unique 330mL bottle; it is an opaque off-white with black specks. There is a blue foil covering the bottle cap to give it an added air of distinction. It has 8.7% alcohol/vol.

When opened, I was greeted with the strong malty aroma that other Belgian strong ales have, coupled with a slight fruitiness. It poured with a gargantuan head and lots of large bubbles. The malty aroma was somewhat subdued after being poured, with the fruitiness taking over. The beer had a pale yellow colour to it.

The first sip was rather complex. A little bit of spiciness, and a bit fruity. The beer had a medium feel in the mouth. There was almost no bitterness at all. There was a noticeable warmth from the alcohol. After a few sips, the subtleties died down. This is a fairly good beer.

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