Wednesday, August 10, 2011

O'Hara's Irish Stout

Finally an Irish brew. Judging by the label, today's beer appears to have won some kind of awards. It comes in a 500mL brown bottle with 4.3% alcohol/vol.

When I opened the bottle, a few aromas were immediately noticeable. Coffee, chocolate, malt, and a hint of hops. When poured, a thick brown head formed. The head lasted a long time and left a nice lace on the glass. I could not see any bubbles in the beer, if only because the beer was so dark. The chocolate and coffee aromas were still present, but the hops were nowhere to be found.

The first sip was very refreshing. The beer started off smooth, but ended up with a sharp feel in the mouth. It also had a prolonged bitter aftertaste. The coffee and chocolate flavours were not overpowering. This beer very closely resembles Guinness, only slightly less bitter, and with more chocolate flavour.

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