Monday, August 29, 2011

Pauwel Kwak

Since I seem to love Belgian ales so much, I thought I'd have another. Today's beer comes in a 330mL brown bottle with 8.4% alcohol/vol. It has an ingredients list that gives little surprise. There really isn't much to the bottle or label. Nothing flashy other than "KWAK" in big letters.

When opened, I could immediately smell the malt and a bit of hops. There was also a light aroma of fruity esters. When poured, no head formed. There was not an overabundance of bubbles, but they were noticeable. The beer had a deep copper/light brown colour. The aroma had dissipated rather quickly after the pour.

The beer had a very nice taste. Slightly nutty in flavour, and sweet. The feel in the mouth wasn't very soft, but wasn't hard either. There was also a bit of warmth from the alcohol. Of the Belgian strong ales I've tried, this beer had one of the most subdued flavours, while still retaining all the characteristics I love about this class of beers. This by no means the beer was flavourless.

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