Monday, May 30, 2016

Back Pain

I was looking forward to this weekend's Kettle Moraine 100, but  about a week ago I suddenly got some back pain.  It's similar to the herniated disc I suffered when in University (about 15 years ago), but different.  It's nowhere near as intense, and believe it or not, doesn't hurt when I run.

So this gives me a dilemma.  I can travel down to KM, knowing the drive will most likely destroy what remains of my spine, and run the race; all the while hoping that nothing gets worse.  Or, I can DNS the race and let my back heal up.  If I DNS Kettle, I will most likely also DNS Black Hills, and in the process remove myself from Gnarly Bandit contention.

I'm leaning towards treating my back as gently as possible for the remainder of the week and running the race.  If I have to DNF, I have to DNF.  It won't be because I didn't try, but because my body failed me.  I can live with that.  I won't necessarily like it.

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