Monday, March 15, 2010

Stupid Weather

Due to the incredibly warm weather, the ice on lake Winnipeg is melting fast. As a result, the Polar Bear Run was cancelled. :(

I was really looking forward to that run. But I understand that safety comes first. The main worry was not that a runner would fall through the thinning ice, but that the support snowmobiles would conk out from having to plow through 2-3" of water all day. Me not knowing anything about snowmobiles accepts this. And while I was still tempted to do the run anyway without any support, the logistics of getting back to my car from Grand Marais to Gimli all by myself are too great. Not to mention the amount of fun running in 2" of ice-cold water would be. ;)

So instead of sitting around holding lemons, I decided to make lemonade. I ran some footpaths that I hadn't run before yesterday, and ran the farthest I had run so far this year. All the way to the Mint and back.

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