Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Roadkill Running Club

I did my first ever workout with the Roadkill Running Club today. I've just learned that I've been doing speedwork completely wrong! I haven't been pushing myself anywhere near as hard as I should have, and my warm-ups weren't as intensive as they should have been (light drills before the real workout begins).

Coach Ken gave me a marathon training plan. I'm going to somewhat follow it. I'm going to incorporate all of the the speedwork, but the days off on Wednesday and Saturday will respectively be filled in by an easy recovery run and a 2/3rds length long run. If I want to be able to complete the Voyageur 50 in style, I need to keep my mileage up. However, I realize that I need my rest days. So my easy days of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are going to be capped at 4 miles each and at a very disciplined pace.

In other news, I'm organizing a "Couch to 5k" programme at my work. So far, I have 6 people wanting to join in. Seeing as this is my coaching/training debut, I hope to not to make too much of a monkey's lunch out of it. Fortunately, the C25k plan at Cool Running seems easy enough for me to work with. I'll just have to remember to pre-program my Garmin with the day's workout so I can just turn it on and let it tell me when the appropriate time has passed and it's time to run/walk.

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