Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two and a half weeks out

Just two and a half weeks until Voyageur 50. I'm starting to feel completely unprepared.

My trail run last Friday with Dwayne and Murray left me drained. It was "only" 26 miles, which is just a bit longer than half of my upcoming race. And it was less hilly. Granted it was really hot, there weren't any aid stations, and we were hauling everything around on our backs. And I didn't take any planned walk breaks (only unplanned ones when the heat was starting to get to me).

Adding to my anxiety are a 5k road race this weekend, and a 6k trail race the following weekend. It is going to be tricky for me to get my long runs in, and taper at the same time.

In the end, I know I'm going to have fun. Isn't that the entire point?


  1. You'll do great! Everything comes together on race day (I think you posted something like that on my blog recently, didn't you? lol). You've definitely put in the miles, and you will have aid stations, etc. Don't try to cram in training now... doing long runs and tapering at the same time doesn't really work! ;)

  2. I just have a feeling that the "standard" 2 week taper before the marathon I ran recently was too long. I don't think I needed that much rest. :shocked: :roll: