Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big Rock Brewery McNally's Extra

Another newcomer to the MLC's Liquor Mart.  This beer comes in an industry standard 341mL brown bottle. It has a foil wrapper around the cap, supposedly as an temper-detection device.  It also has 7% alcohol/vol.  Whee!

When opened, there was no hops detectable, but WOW what a malt aroma.  It poured a beautiful amber colour, with just a small head.  As for bubbles, there were not many.  The beer retained its malty aroma long after the pour.

The first sip was bittersweet.  As in bitter, and sweet.  The beer definitely had some bittering hops in it.  There was also a slight caramel flavour.  The beer had a slightly harsh feel on the tongue.  And there was also an ever-so-slight warming in the belly from the alcohol.  I would rate this beer as a small win.  Definitely one of the better mass-produced domestics I've tasted.

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