Tuesday, October 11, 2011

St. Sylvestre Du Moulin Pilsner

Another French beer today.  This one comes in a 500mL white can.  It has 5.3% alcohol/vol.  It even has an ingredients list: water, malt, hops.  Happy to see no adjuncts there.  There was also a best-before date on the bottom of April 7, 2012.  Not much information on the can other than the above, except for a typical mistranslation on its warning: "drink savely" (sic).

The can opened without any fizz; just a loud crack.  There was a strong malty odour coming from the beer.  The beer poured an anemic pale straw colour with lots of floaties.  At least the beer had a decent frothy head.  The strong malty aroma was still there, but smelled "off".

The first sip was horrible.  I'm not sure if the problem was with the can, or the best-before date on the bottom was wrong.  Maybe the beer just sucked?  The beer was weak in "beery" flavour.  Unfortunately, it was strong in "unbeery" flavours.  There was definitely a metallic aftertaste to the beer.  I had to pour it down the drain.

They should serve this beer in prisons for the criminally insane.

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