Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Orkney Brewery Dark Island

Today is my second Scottish beer. My first one was less than spectacular, probably due to an expiry date SNAFU. This beer has an amazing label. I really dig the artwork and info on it. It even gives the UK government's guideline amount of drinks for the average adult! It comes in a 500mL brown bottle, and has 4.6% alcohol/vol.  The label even tells you what to expect in terms of colour, aroma, and taste.  I purposefully didn't read it in detail, because I didn't want to be prejudiced.

Upon opening, I was greeted with dark malts.  The aroma was very much like that of a Guinness:  roasted dark malts with chocolate and coffee.  When poured, it formed a thin light brown head that disappeared quickly.  The beer itself was a nearly-opaque black.  The aroma gained a slightly sweet fruity hint to it.

The first sip was fairly smooth.  The beer was fairly bitter, and had a very dry finish.  The flavour was mostly dark malt.  A tiny hint of coffee and chocolate, but barely noticeable.  The feel in the mouth was exceptionally soft.  Considering that I had just come back from a run, this beer really hit the spot.  As such, my judgement may be a bit skewed.  I enjoyed this beer, and would definitely buy it again.  Doubly so if I found it in a pub.

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