Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin

This looks like an interesting beer from an interesting line of beers. It comes in a uniquely shaped 500mL brown bottle with 5.2% alcohol/vol. The label is in a few different languages, and you would have to be a multilinguist to get all of the information on it. For example, there is an ingredients list but it's in Italian. Yet the beer's description is in English and French. There was a best-before date on this bottle of August 1, 2012, so I was well in the clear in terms of getting a possibly expired beer.

When opened, I was puzzled by the initial aroma.  If my nose wasn't lying, I could smell...  vinegar?  The beer poured a dark amber colour, a far cry from the "ruby" promised on the label.  There was a thin off-white head which disappeared almost instantly.  There were a few streams of small bubbles in the beer, but they were hard to see due to the darkness of the beer.  The aroma after the pour was remarkably different from when I opened the bottle.  It had a sweet caramel scent to it.

The first sip was fairly average.  The beer had a mild sweetness to it, and had a fairly soft feel in the mouth.  There was only a modest bitter aftertaste to it.  Overall, I found the beer quite approachable.  On the other hand, there was nothing spectacular about it either.  I'd probably skip buying it.

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