Friday, September 23, 2011

Big Rock Brewery IPA

I don't think I've never had a beer from Big Rock. I know, huge shocker. How can I possibly call myself a Canadian? So today's my first test of this western Canadian juggernaut. It's not their Traditional Ale, so I don't think I can judge the brewery too much based on this one beer. It comes in a 341mL industry-standard brown bottle with 5.5% alcohol/vol. The label is pretty plain; just a yellow background with "IPA" written on it.

When the bottle was opened, I caught the distinctive dry-hopped aroma of an IPA. When poured, no head formed at all, and there were not many bubbles in the beer. The beer had an amber colour. The hop aroma was still dominant after the pour.

The first sip was uneventful. For an IPA, I was expecting a lot more bitterness. To be fair, it's possible I've been drinking so many high-IBU beers that I've become accustomed to bitter beers. The beer had a very light flavour. It tasted like a highly-hopped Labatt Blue, which is not to say that it was bad, but that it was a bit of a disappointment. The beer's feel in the mouth was very soft to start, but the carbonation gave it a bit of bite after it lingered for a while.

I would not recommend this beer, as I believe there are much better alternatives.

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