Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stella Artois

I decided to go a bit more mainstream today, and try out a Stella Artois. I've had this beer before in the past, but never critically analyzed it. It comes in a 330mL green bottle with 5.0% alcohol/vol. The label on the back talks up Belgian beers, and this one in particular. No need here, as I have already tried my fair share of Belgian beers and am quite convinced. From what I recall, Stella is quite a bit different from the Trappist ales I've grown to love. For starters, it is a lager.

When opened, the bottle gave away no hops, but had a slightly corny sweet smell to it. When poured, the smell was unchanged. The beer had a deep yellow but not quite golden colour to it. There was a bit of head that disappeared rather quickly, and lots of large bubbles.

The first sip wasn't too bad. There was a light sweetness to the beer, and almost no aftertaste. The beer had a high amount of carbonation, but didn't have a bubbly "bite" to it. I would consider this beer to be a well-made mass-produced regular beer. Nothing much to write home about.

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