Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Howe Sound Brewing Baldwin & Cooper Best Bitter

Where do I start about today's beer? It comes in an enormous 1L brown bottle with a beubel top, and 5.5% alcohol/vol.. It comes originally capped, but you can use the beubel to cork it at will if you decide to not drink the whole thing. Nice touch. It's a Canadian beer from Squamish, and is named after the first two individuals to climb the Grand Wall of The Chief. I decided that it would be a shame to not drink the whole thing at one go, so I hauled out my 1L Oktoberfest stein.

When opened, I noticed a strong hoppy aroma, and some malt. It poured an opaque brown colour, with an enormous amount of small bubbles. It formed a foamy head about 1 finger deep that lasted a while. The hops were still quite noticeable and reminded me a lot of the hops in Half Pints Little Scrapper IPA, only not as strong.

The first sip went fairly well. It has a strong hoppy flavour that balances out its strong malty qualities. Not much of an aftertaste. The beer had a soft feel in the mouth. I would definitely drink this beer again if it came in a smaller bottle. I personally feel that 1L at a time may be a bit too much even for me.

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