Sunday, January 29, 2012

Big Sky Brewery Moose Drool

My sister and brother-in-law have a sense of humour.  When they bought me the two boxes of beer for Christmas, they mostly chose beers based on their name.  Moose Drool is definitely a funny name.  It comes in a 355mL brown bottle, with a pry-off cap.  It has 5.1% alcohol/vol.  The label is rather scenic:  A drooling moose standing in a river, in a mountain valley.  There's not much else in terms of information on the label, except that it's a "brown ale".

When opened, I immediately smelled malts.  A big of sweetness, and lots of chocolate/coffee aroma.  Not much in the way of hoppiness.  It poured a deep dark brown with a healthy off-white head that disappeared quickly.  It was hard to see if there were any bubbles because the beer was so dark.  The aroma after the pour was rather "meh", just the faintest hint of coffee and nothing else.

The first sip was "meh".  There was absolutely nothing to write home about with this beer.  It really just tasted like a domestic with just a hint of chocolate malts.  There was almost no carbonation, so there was a ridiculously soft feel in the mouth.  Absolutely no bitterness to the beer.  The beer left a lacing as I drank.  There is no reason for me to ever buy this beer (but I'd happily drink it if somebody gave me a free bottle).

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