Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Empyrean Brewing Company Burning Skye

Happy Robbie Burns day!  In honour of this wonderful poet, I'm going to drink some (not very) Scottish beer.  It comes in a short (but not stubby) 12 fluid oz. brown bottle.  It has 5.3% alcohol/vol, and 13 IBUs.  I believe that places it in the Scottish Export 80/- category.  The best-before date on the beer was undecipherable because it was either January or February in 2012 or 2013.  I could only hope that it wasn't Jan 2012.

When opened, I noticed a thin brown "sludge" on the inside of the cap.  The beer had a mostly malty aroma with a hint of peat.  When poured, it came out a very cloudy light amber colour.  There was a thin off-white head which lasted a while.  It was hard to see the bubbles due to all the cloudiness.  The beer kept the same aroma as when it was opened.  It actually didn't smell very appealing.

The first sip was horrible.  The beer had very little flavour apart from the light smokiness.  It tasted like I was drinking an ash tray.  There was no malty sweetness to it as one would expect from a Scottish ale.  At least the beer was soft and creamy in the mouth.  There is no way I would ever buy this beer again.

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