Thursday, December 15, 2011

Half Pints Sweet Nikki Brown

Disclaimer: I have a mild cold

It's about time I got my hands on this seasonal local brew.  I've enjoyed most of what Half Pints has had to offer (St. James Pale and Smoktoberfest being the only two exceptions), so I'm excited to try this one.  It appears to be an American brown ale, with 4.9% alcohol/vol and 35 IBUs. It comes in the industry standard 341mL brown bottle.  It's apparently named after somebody's wife (who has brown hair and is a bit nutty).

When opened, you can easily smell the aromatic hops.  But there was also a strong malty scent.  The beer poured a dark brown colour (very little light passed through), with a light brown head.  The hoppy aroma was very much the same as that of their Little Scrapper IPA (Cascade, I think?).    

The first sip was underwhelming.  There was very little flavour in the beer.  It tasted a lot like water, only with a bitter aftertaste.  There was a tiny bit of sweetness to the beer, but none of the much-advertised nuttiness that is supposedly in it.  The beer had a fairly soft feel in the mouth.  I would drink this beer, but I could not see the point in buying it again.

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