Friday, December 2, 2011

Mill St. Brewery Coffee Porter

The last time I tried a coffee-flavoured beer, it was Half Pints' Stir Stick Stout.  Trying to stick with Canadian beers (as per a request), the beer I'm trying comes from Toronto.  It comes in a 341mL thin brown bottle, with 5.5% alcohol/vol.  The bottle claims to have coffee added, which makes me a bit uneasy.

When opened, I could immediately smell hops and (unsurprisingly enough) coffee.  It poured an exceptionally opaque shade of brown, with a deep tan head.  Its aroma had changed after the pour to something more malty.

The first sip was fairly good.  The beer was only slightly bitter, and had a strong sweetness to it.  The coffee flavour was more of an aftertaste; subdued and quite pleasant (kind of like in a coffee crisp).  The feel in the mouth was exceptionally soft.  I liked this beer much more than Half Pints' coffee stout, if only because it wasn't as strong.


  1. I think that beer is delicious. It's not my favourite or anything, but I enjoy it whenever I have it.

  2. Sarah and I both dislike this beer. Maybe we got a bad batch, but several bottles went undrunk chez nous.