Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Urthel Saisonniere

Time for me to re-visit a beer style I gave up on a while ago: The Belgian blond ale. Today's beer isn't Belgian though, it comes from the Netherlands. It comes in a 11.2 fluid ounce skinny brown bottle. It has a yellow label with a moustachioed cartoon character holding a stein of beer. It's an awesome moustache too.

When opened, the aroma was mostly fruity, with some spiciness thrown in. When poured, it formed a very respectable white head which lasted a long time. There were an enormous amount of small bubbles. The aroma after the pour was rather subdued, with just a hint of spices.

The first sip was positive.  The beer didn't taste spicy at all.  If anything, the taste was rather smooth.  The feel in the mouth was sharp from all the carbonation.  Only a slight warmth from the alcohol, barely even noticeable.  There was also a slight citrusy aftertaste.  As I drank, the beer left a lace in the glass; I usually take that as a good sign.  It tasted a lot like La Fin du Monde, but not as overpowering.  Overall, I'd say this beer was pretty good, striking a good balance.

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