Friday, April 29, 2011

Baltika Classic

Today I try a Russian beer. It comes in a 500mL brown bottle, with 4.8% alcohol/vol. The label on the back is a bit funny. The last sentence says "This beer is brewed specially for you." It's good to know that the brewers are telepaths.

The label on the back says it has a hoppy aroma, and it's right. When I hopened the bottle, I was presented by a wonderful hoppy smell. I was a bit disappointed by the light colour when poured, but it formed a thick head that lasted a bit. Lots of large bubbles.

The first taste was sweet. Very sweet. Again, the label says it is a malty taste, and it is correct. I didn't notice it on the first sip, but it definitely has a strong hoppy aftertaste. While it was fairly good, it didn't overly *wow* me. If I was in Russia, I would buy this.

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