Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Gösser beer comes from Austria in a 500mL can with 5.2% alcohol/vol. It has an ingredients list that shows (unsurprisingly) water, barley-malt, and hops. It also has a best before date, which I believe is a handy feature. On my particular can it was October 2011, which is well in the future. There should be no danger of skunkiness.

When I opened the can, I instantly noticed a sweet smell. But after pouring the beer into a glass, it almost instantly disappeared. A thick head formed upon pouring, and lasted a while. The beer has a yellow-ish colour and almost no bubbles. The few bubbles that did come up were rather small.

The first taste was pretty good. Apart from a metallic aftertaste (I need to stop buying beers from cans) it went down very smooth. In a way, almost too smooth. Very close to water. Practically no hops in the taste at all. It has a slight apple taste to it.

I do not think I will buy this beer again. While the entire experience wasn't unpleasant, it failed to wow me.

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