Monday, April 25, 2011


Today's beer brings me even further away from home. This time it's China. Tsingtao comes in a 330mL green bottle, with 4.5% alcohol/vol. There is absolutely no other information on the label.

It made a thick head when poured, and had a strong hoppy smell. Its straw colour makes me think it is a light beer.

The first sip: Flavourless. The next sip: Flavourless. I feel like I'm drinking dirty carbonated water. The only good thing I can say about this beer is that it goes down easy. About as easy as water.

I can sum the experience up in three words: Made In China.

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  1. Haha zing!! I've often wondered what that beer is like but never bothered to try it. Glad to hear I'm not missing much.