Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Neuzeller Klofter-Brau Original Badebier

Can't say much about this beer. The label is 100% in german, and I didn't do too well in german class. It comes in a dark 500mL bottle, with an advertised alcohol content of 5.2%. From the little german I know, Badebier means bath beer. So I guess you're supposed to drink this beer in the bathtub. I decided to drink it in front of the computer.

When poured, it produced a generous amount of head. The beer itself is quite dark. It has a sweet and *something* smell to it. I can't quite place it. The first sip was a success. It has almost no aftertaste. The entire flavour happens the moment it hits your mouth, and it's very hard to describe. It's not hoppy at all, and has a slightly sweet flavour to it. It's very rich and full. Overall, it is quite quaffable.

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