Monday, April 4, 2011

Erdinger Weißbrau Dunkel

Before I begin, I must apologize to any beer aficionados that my opinions are based upon my own uneducated observations. I am also aware that I do not have the correct beer glassware, having only (high quality) beer flutes available instead of glassware appropriate to the type of beer being drunk.

That said, on with the review:

This German wheat beer comes in a 500mL amber-coloured bottle. The alcohol content on it is a healthy 5.6%/vol. Not enough to call it a strong beer, but definitely not on the light side.

My first reaction after pouring my first glass of this beer was that it looked like a German knock-off of Guinness. But the similarities end there. It is a dark beer and has a lot of head (when poured improperly as I did). But it doesn't have same bitterness that Guinness has, and a little bit of light manages to make its way through the dark brew.

Its taste is clean and slightly sweet, and actually a bit on the weak side. For a wheat beer, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it didn't have any citrusy flavours added (after a bit of research, I discovered that adding citrus to german wheat beers is typically not done.) It has a very subtle malty aftertaste, that is not overpowering and quite pleasant.

The taste certainly grows on you. After each sip, I appreciated its initially weak flavour a little bit more. I'm actually disappointed that this is the first beer I reviewed, since that means I probably won't have another bottle of it for quite some time.

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