Monday, June 13, 2011

Anchor Steam Beer

Before I go into today's beer, I have an important announcement. I'm done brewing my wheat beer, and in two weeks I will have a homebrew ready to sample! Homemade beer is much cheaper than storebought.

This is a beer from San Francisco. It has 4.8% alcohol/vol, and comes in an oddly-shaped 355mL brown bottle. It has a best-before date of March 2013! A date this far in the future isn't a good sign, as it means the beer is loaded in preservatives.

The opened bottle gave a lightly hopped aroma, along with some yeast. When poured, it formed a medium-sized creamy head that was sustained by a non-stop flow of small bubbles. The beer had an amber colour, and retained the lightly hopped/yeasty aroma that it had when I opened the bottle.

The first taste was all bitter. The hops were barely detectable. The beer had a smooth feel in the mouth. At first I didn't like the beer very much, but it slowly grew on me. I'm not sure if I'd ever try it again as I believe there are better beers out there. But in no way did I find this to be a bad beer.

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