Friday, June 3, 2011

Redhook ESB

Today's beer comes from Washington. It comes in a 355mL brown bottle and has 5.8% alcohol/vol. The label says it's an ale. It also claims "liquid goodness since 1982". I think I'll be the judge of that today. ;)

When opened, there wasn't much aroma escaping the bottle. When poured, the beer came out gold with a few streams of large bubbles. Not a lot of head, but it looked a bit creamy. There is a slightly metallic scent from the beer, which is strange since it came from a bottle.

The first sip: The flavour came on slowly, but was distinctive. Not very strong, but not unpleasant. No hint of metallic flavour. There was only a very slight bitter aftertaste. There wasn't much malty flavour at all. An overall balanced beer, but a bit on the weak side.

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