Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tommyknocker Pick Axe

Today's beer comes from Idaho Springs, Colorado. It comes in a 355mL brown bottle. No twist-cap! As usual, there is no alcohol content information found on the bottle. There is some kind of date on the bottle, July 20 2009. I hope that's not the best-before date. In fact, I hope it's not the brewed on date either. I sincerely hope it's a mistake, or my beer would have been sitting on the shelves for 2 years.

When opened, the bottle immediately began to fizz up. There is a distinctive malty aroma to the beer. I had to pour it quickly lest I get head all over my desk. The beer had a copper colour, with a lot of sediment in it. I was afraid the beer was skunked. Just a hint of hoppy aroma to it. Very small head that dissipated quickly, and very few bubbles in the beer. Admittedly, there could have been a lot more bubbles but it was hard to see into the beer because it was so cloudy.

The first sip wasn't bad. The beer was light flavoured, but wow what a strong aftertaste. The beer tasted light and fruity, until the bitter aftertaste kicked in with a vengeance. This beer wasn't too bad. Unfortunately, it's in a style I don't particularly care for.

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