Monday, June 27, 2011

Unibroue Blanche de Chambly

Today I opted for a Canadian beer. It comes from Chambly (hence its name), Quebec. It comes in a 750mL bottle with a cork. It also has a modest 5% alcohol/vol. It appears to be a (Belgian?) white ale. Good thing the label warns you of some yeast sediment during its secondary fermentation, or I would have been tempted to drink it straight from the bottle.

The cork came off rather easily, and a fine mist erupted. I could smell some lemon coming from the bottle, and not much else. The beer poured a generous white head that lasted a long time. Lots of huge bubbles rose up to keep the head going. The beer itself was a pale yellow in colour. The lemony aroma was still present, coupled with some malt.

The first sip wasn't terribly good. The beer had a harsh feel in the mouth (probably from all the bubbles). And I couldn't say I was a huge fan of the lemon. The beer has a slightly sour aftertaste. There is no way I would buy this beer again, but I couldn't see any reason why somebody else wouldn't like it.

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