Friday, June 24, 2011

Ayinger Celebrator

I'm excited today, because I'm going to sample a doppelbock. I also decided that I've waited on my first homebrew beer for long enough, and am going to crack one open. I won't do a review on it since it's not fully done carbonating, and it's not commercially available. :)

For anybody who knows a bit of German, they would be amused to see two goats on the label. The beer comes in a 330mL brown bottle, and has 6.7% alcohol/vol. It is also adorned with a small white goat pendant. Weird.

The first thing I noticed when opening the bottle was the rich malty aroma. Absolutely no hoppiness. When poured, it formed a thick head that disappeared rather quickly. It reminded me of a guiness, except the foam was made of large bubbles and dissipated. The beer was a dark brown in colour, and light could barely pass through it. As for the aroma, it retained its maltiness, and gained a slight fruity character.

The first sip reminded me of a guiness. The beer was soft in the mouth, and the rich malty flavour came on slowly. There was some bitter aftertaste, but not a lot. It also gave me a warm feeling in my throat. I could definitely see this as a good winter beer.

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