Monday, June 20, 2011

Spaten Premium

Back to Germany again. Today's beer comes from Munich. It comes in a 355mL green bottle. Since I bought it in the US, it doesn't have any alcohol content information. However, it does say "malt liquor" on it, which I believe is a legal term for anything over a certain percentage. So I'm going to guess it's a stronger-than-average beer.

When I opened the bottle, it was as if somebody was cutting their lawn. The aroma was very grassy (hoppy, but grassy). When poured, no head formed, and there were lots of large bubbles. Unfortunately, the bubbles didn't last very long, and pared themselves down to two streams rather quickly. The beer itself was an anemic-looking yellow. It still had its grassy hops aroma.

The first sip was smooth. It had a soft mouth feel, and tasted a bit corn-like. A very mellow flavour, with no bitterness. I couldn't find any aftertaste. I would call this beer a light lager. I couldn't think of anybody who wouldn't be able to drink it since it was so light.

I'm not sure if I would drink it again since I tend to prefer beers at either extreme (sweet or bitter). I could see a lot of people liking this though, as it tasted like a domestic mass-produced beer.

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